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VPS hosting as a cost-efficient solution offers you the best features of both dedicated servers and web space products: Take advantage of our cheap hosting plans.

Now we offer you VPS with SSD storage space for even faster performance. Snapshots are available for a quick system restore.

Key features are state of the art hardware and virtualization based on KVM. Choose your operating system from a wide range of Linux distributions or Windows Server 2016 and 2012. Manage your vServer with Plesk or cPanel / WHM.

Select the VPS that has the best features for your needs now and benefit from the high quality and performance of our powerful VPS hosting solutions. DDoS protection included, free of charge.

VPS hosting ofron një nivel të pa kushtëzuar, të performancës që do ju duhet për ta “fjetur mendjen”. Akses i plotë në serverin tuaj.

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Root access

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Frequently Asked Questions

During your order, you can choose between various Linux distributions (Cent OS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora und openSUSE) as well as order one of our Windows Server upgrades.

You get full root access (for Linux) or full administrator access (for Windows) to your server. Therefore, of course, you can install any software you want on your server.For Linux remote access, please let us recommend the SSH client 'putty' - Windows server can be controlled via the 'Remote Desktop' client.Additionally, every VPS can be controlled via VNC by default.

It is possible to order up to 20 additional IP addresses per VPS and up to 100 additional IP addresses per dedicated server. The monthly price is 5.00 EUR for each IP address. To order them, please just contact us by e-mail concerning this matter. Our support team is ready to assist you immediately.

The traffic is unlimited, so you don't need to care about how much traffic you use every month.Furthermore, the bandwidth is shared, which means that a pool of servers shares a bigger bandwidth. We don't oversubscribe our bandwidth capacities unlike many other providers. Thus, generally the full 100 mbit/s or 1 Gbit/s port speed is provided to you anytime.

In general, our servers are unmanaged root servers. Our customers have exclusive access to their servers. Provided that there are no violations against German law or our ToS (Terms of Service) we do not check what you are using your server for.

That is no problem, please just send us the details via e-mail to [email protected], and we will be happy to offer you the price for an individual operating system installation by our technical experts.

Sure! We offer the following web administration panels as upgrades:- cPanel/WHM- Plesk (various feature packs and versions available, also available for Windows)- Webmin